Dear Alcohol, 

We've been friends for so long... even when I didn't have human friends, you were there. 

I like you, I really do, but let's face it, you're not great for me. I mean, if we could just hang out a bit here or there, it would probably be fine, but let's face it, we're hanging out pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY after work and although things don't get out of control anymore like they used to, you make me fat and you dehydrate me. 

And I know, I'm the one who seeks you, you're just hanging out there, minding your own business and I'm always coming to pick YOU up... mostly out of habit and bc Im bored. 

Usually, I don't intend to consume as much of you as I end up doing, but once that red, red wine is open... it's tough to just leave you be unless you're all gone.  Even though I know the rest of you will still be there tomorrow... I figure you're there so, I may as well finish you off!  So buddy... I still wanna hang with ya.... just less often and in less quantity. 

Can someone tell me how to do that? Bc right now I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, thinking about putting together some mimosas! Again... boredom, loneliness, habit.... just to make Sunday cleaning less tedious and more fun.

Dear Alcohol, I want a healthier relationship with you, with healthy boundaries, so that I can be a healthier person.