I've been taking this drug for 2 weeks now.  50mgs daily.  My drinking habit was a bottle of wine every night.  My ultimate goal is to drink no more than 2 glasses of wine (ok on some occassions 3) per night, and at least 1-2 nights a week with no drinking at all.  So far so good.

Naltrexone had some unpleasant side effects for me- nausea and headache every morning.  Now on day 14, it's much better.  No headache, though still a bit queasy in the morning, but it goes away in a couple hours.  The drug definitely helps me to choose not to take that third glass of wine as it kills the "buzz" but it's not a magic pill.  There is still some self-control involved.  Example:  I was at a hosted reception last night, so the wine was flowing.  I had three small glasses (I call them "Napa pours") and was able to quit, but it took some control because the waiters kept coming around with bottles trying to fill our glasses.

I've also discovered that if I drink more than 3 glasses, I definitely feel a "buzz" so it's not like I can drink any amount and not feel drunk.  I have to say I was proud of myself last night.  It was a work event and I always worry about my professional reputation and drinking.  I don't want to be that person who everyone talks about the next day.  It was great to have conversations with people throughout the evening then walk to my room feeling quite sober.

I'd love to hear other experiences with this drug.  Thanks!