It sounds like I'm in the majority here. I'm looking for help changing my relationship with alcohol. I don't drink daily, but when I do drink (probably half the week) I almost always keep going until I blackout. I used to get really sick (spins, vomiting, etc.) when I had too much so I could limit myself or be forced to, but I stopped getting sick about four years ago and that was the beginning of my problem. I blackout hard, not remembering very large blocks of time, and am almost always in the bed for the entire next day, unable to get any relief from my heart skipping, shakiness, and obviously the debilitating headache. 

My husband is my drinking partner and does so with gusto, only he does not black out and does not have the same symptoms the next day. I'm hoping support/medication will help me to stop drinking for a while to evaluate if I even want to pick up drinking again in moderation.