Hello everyone. I have been drinking at least 1 bottle of wine a night most nights for a couple of years. I made it okay in my head because I was working a good job, was healthy in every other way, and never drank during the day. But I also blacked out regularly, embarressed byself at important functions, did things I wouldn't remember the next day, had terrible anxiety, and felt a ton of shame and guilt about my behavior. I'm pretty self aware. I read books like 'Eating, Drinking, Overthinking' and 'Drinking: A Love Story' and knew I could have been reading my journals. But still, I kept it up. It had become a habit. Part of my routine. And while it hasn't impacted my job per se, it's impacted my life. I've made my goals smaller or abandoned them completely when accomplishing them meant cutting out alcohol. It's created this awful cycle I hate but feel like I can't get out of. Just started Naltrexone today, and am cautiously optimistic. I previously looked into AA but was intimidated and unwilling to put myself out there like that. I'm really glad I found Monument. Next step: Find a good therapist.Β