Hello I have been drinking 1-2 bottles of wine every weeknight or equal their ABV in seltzers or beer, with the occasional shot of vodka if I can find where that's hidden. Parties and dinners allow me to binge openly, plus add a shot or two if I can get them while my spouse is distracted. Binge drinking has become a huge problem in recent years for me, not just due to current affairs. 

My spouse has been patient with my efforts to control my addition and two weeks ago I agreed to see a therapist. The following week I did. That Doctor's verdict: Dispose of all wine and beer, stop drinking for the foreseeable future, and go to a few AA meetings. I stopped drinking for a few days as a result and attended 4 AA meetings, which were truly inspirational and positive. 

Already I have a scheduling issues around leaving work for office visits that would spend 2 hours out of said day, each week. I also don’t like the AA requirement of quitting drinking under all circumstances and how that encourages and ministry of righteous abstinence, completed steps, prayers and confessions… only the choir is missing. So hoping this format works out better since I get therapy and community.