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Dr. Abramson and I agreed having an online therapist here would be beneficial. How do I arrange?

FAQ❓: How is Monument's specialized therapy program unique?

Good question! Many people ask what sets Monument's therapy and therapists apart. Here are 5 reasons Monument therapy is effective in helping people change their relationship with alcohol:

1. It's personalized to you.

Your therapist will work with you to... (More)

FAQ ❓: How can therapy help me change my drinking?

Why Experts Recommend Therapy To Help Change Your Drinking

We get a lot of questions about how therapy can play a part in changing your drinking, in addition to our support groups, community support (right here!), and physician support.... (More)

FAQ ❓: What can I expect from my first Monument therapy session?

Psychological factors can have a big influence on our relationship with alcohol, and therapy can play a significant role in addressing unhealthy drinking behaviors and building healthier habits. We provide specialized therapy designed to help people change their drinking.

So,... (More)