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Personal Stories
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5 weeks today

Today is 5 weeks without a drink. Some days are hard and some are easy. My family is really happy I'm not drinking. My boyfriend is really supportive. But I feel like I'm still counting down to a day, one... (More)

Steering clear of the rabbit hole

I wasn't a drinker until I was.

I didn't drink in college. I started college at 16 and also had to work. I looked too young, was too young, and had too much to do. I had to care for... (More)

I feel broken

I’m trying to be someone that I’m not when I’m drinking. I think I’m a better person, more fun to be around, loveable, silly. I think I’m young, beautiful, skinny, and desirable. I‘m thinking back to the other night and... (More)


What do you think is the biggest reason you drink? (Stress factors, relationships, habit, influence of others, self medicating for pain)

I am curious who else has the same reasons they indulge.