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Personal Stories
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Why do I not have a shut off switch when I’ve had “enough” to drink?

I can drink socially and be fine, but sometimes, after I get buzzed, it’s like I don’t have a shut off switch. Then, I can get drunk and even black out. I’m wondering if I will be able to control... (More)

A Message of Love and My Today's Vow of Sobriety is to Never Stop Trying

The daily news can surely be depressing and worrisome, and here in our own communities and families, things can seem insurmountable at times.

With the holidays upon us and the restrictions and stress that COVID has created, we can still... (More)

Personal Journal - Vow of Sobriety December 19th, 2020

I have decided to take a vow of sobriety everyday for someone or something I love and for me of course. Today's vow is for me and my beautiful grandson.

Today 12/19/2020's vow of sobriety is for you, my dear... (More)

Happily enjoying just one glass of wine!

Saturdays are normally a day where I would have my first glass of wine at noon, and steadily refill throughout the day. Or if it was a particularly busy Saturday, I would find myself rushing through my errands and cracking... (More)