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We're so glad we found each other. If you're willing, tell us what brought you here! 

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Hello, I am so excited I found group after listening to Recovery Happy Hour earlier in the week. I am a 45 year old ... taking more of a role in my life.

Hi, I’m glad to be here and hope this group will be able to help me live a sober life. At this point, alcohol is taking more from me than it is giving. I want my life back.


Hi, I just heard Mike's conversation on the Recovery Happy Hour and loved the discussion regarding alternative recovery options including medications. I am on my 9th monthly injection of Naltrexone and will be sober 10 months on July 9th. I... (More)


I've been drinking for years. I mainly drink to celebrate/ connect socially: Hanging out with my husband after the kids go to bed, going out with friends. Now I have a ridiculous tolerance and it's hard for me to moderate... (More)