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Changing for many reasons

Main issues for me are recognizing myself in the readings you offer- drinking for relief or reward after work, disturbed sleep if I’ve had alcohol, loneliness and staying home to drink rather than activities I enjoy, drink to numb racing... (More)

Fulfilling my purpose...

I don't know when I decided that I needed to assess my alcohol use, but in early 2020 I made the first attempt at Dry January. I got 10 days I think... Over the course of 2020, I had about... (More)

Just Tired

I've been drinking since I turned 21 (I'm 37 now) regularly except during pregnancy and after an injury sustained while I was black out drunk. I'm just over it. I don't drink socially anymore. I drink alone and it's sad.... (More)

Out of the abyss

I’m scared I’m going to kill myself or someone else. I have hit rock bottom by driving blackout drunk and not remembering it as well as other unspeakable things. I’m terrified and can’t go on.