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We are inviting YOU to reflect on your relationship with alcohol by writing alcohol a letter. Whether it’s a breakup letter from years ago, a letter about needing space, about wanting different things, about finding your way back to each other, we’d love the world to hear it. 

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You need to leave Alcohol.

Dear alcohol,

Everytime I think I have escaped you I allow you back only to destroy the things I hold most dear. I allow you to control my actions and my my mind nor heart. My actions then cause incredible... (More)

📗 Member Feature: #DearAlcohol, From Karmic

Thank you, @karmic  for letting us share your words with our Community on Instagram, and for trusting us with your journey towards the last line of this letter ✍️. You inspire us.

What would your letter say?

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Alcohol are you listening?

Why are you so powerful over me? Why do I allow myself to have such a harmful relationship with you? Why do I miss that misery of drinking when I don't have you in my life? Why don't you listen... (More)

It's time to say goodbye. I think.

Dear Alcohol. I think about you often everyday. I know I shouldn't, but I do. If I am stressed I say "I need a drink". You are my escape, my vice, my friend. How can I feel so shameful about... (More)