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We are inviting YOU to reflect on your relationship with alcohol by writing alcohol a letter. Whether it’s a breakup letter from years ago, a letter about needing space, about wanting different things, about finding your way back to each other, we’d love the world to hear it. 

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#DearAlcohol: Day 1 in the books

So, I had my appointment today with the doctor and he prescribed the medicine everyone is talking about. So, yesterday was exhausting. I am in the middle of an autoimmune flair and everything is swollen. I can physically feel my... (More)

#DearAlcohol - It's time!

Dear Alcohol,

We have had a long relationship together and I have had lots of fun times as well as not so fun times with you, but its time to let go of this bond with have. As I have... (More)



First, thanks for being there and supporting me when I couldn’t do it on my own. As I’m writing this, I am 32 years old. You’ve been in my life since I was 15. Truly, my first love and... (More)

#Dear Alcohol - Get Out of My Life

Dear Alcohol,

For years you were a friend I could take or leave. I never felt codependent or overwhelmed. Our relationship was part of the joy of getting together with friends and family. I started to lean on you and... (More)