I am a drinker. It's always been my way of escaping dealing with feelings. I always have a need to do things to stay away from my wine. But for the past few months I have been drinking every day. I start early afternoon because I am bored and I have already done all the household chores.

 I already worked remotely and didn't have much interaction with people, everything was over teams/chat. So depression was setting in for a while. I am lonely. 

My husband comes home from work tired and it's the same dull routine. Dinner, clean the dishes, play with the dogs, and watch tv. The drinking has numbed me to this boredom, but also made me a prisoner. This pandemic has taken any outlet away for me to break up the boredom and my drinking has turned from 1 bottle of wine a night to 2 or sometime 3. I don't even want to drink it, but I do. 

I am ready for change and need some support to do the right thing and push the desire away.