Hi everybody -- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here are some expert tips for having a fun, festive, & alcohol-free day.  

🍀 Tip 1: Put your needs first. 

Start with honoring what feels right to you today. Is it safely socializing with friends, or making some green treats at home while watching a virtual parade? Whatever you choose, the decision is entirely yours. 

🍀 Tip 2: Enjoy a non-alcoholic brew.

What better day to explore the booming world of non-alcoholic beer? Celebrating with a delish AF drink in hand is a great way to feel refreshed and festive while still honoring your goals. If you want to add green food coloring, we won’t stop you. 

🍀 Tip 3: Celebrate with a buddy. 

A sober friend or ally can make any occasion less daunting. Share your goals beforehand, and know you can always ditch the virtual or live function at any time. 

🍀 Tip 4: Adopt an abundance mindset 

Remind yourself of the reason why you’re not drinking, and all of the benefits that come with it. Surround yourself with whatever feels most joyful, and build new St. Patrick’s Day rituals that are just as fun (if not more!). 

🍀 We’re here for you. Read more tips on having fun in sobriety here. Spend St. Patrick’s Day with the Monument community and join a free therapist-moderated support group. These groups are meeting today:

Wishing everyone a joyful day ✨💚✨