#DearAlcohol - I so look forward to our time together in the evenings. You are my nightly ritual that I believe I deserve. That said - I'm uber independent and don't like to be with anyone/thing 24/7. I don't like when people/things are needy or clingy. I'm beginning to wonder if YOU'RE the needy one. Hmm... maybe YOU need me more than I need you? That's an interesting thought. Listen - find someone else to cling to. Can't you just 'be'? Why do you always have to nudge your way into people's lives? 

Tonight was the first night in about a week that I didn't need you. I know you're still hanging around, begging me to come out and play... but man you're exhausting. You suck the life out of me sometimes. Tonight - I'm good. I'm looking forward to a solid night's sleep and a bitchin workout in the morning. Get a grip on yourself and stop wreaking havoc on people's lives. (This is interesting.... this is like trying to get rid of a clingy boyfriend that you know is so bad for you. For some reason, you let him back in time and again until you are so disgusted  - or he hurts you, embarrasses you, cheats on you, lies to you - that you FINALLY cut the cord and move on. At first, you oddly miss the few good things about the relationship, but over time you can clearly see how bad he was for you and that you are SOOOO much better without him. Anyone relate?)
I deserve better. I am better than this. How did I lose so much of myself along the way? It's time to find that inner Wonder Woman again. ggggrrrrr ;)