I always struggled with the messaging surrounding coming out as an alcoholic.  AA is an example, the first step is admitting you have a drinking problem. Now I do not knock AA, they have been helping alcoholics for decades with success. All I can do is relate what using alcohol does to me, mentally and physically.  Tip here: All the folks I have been drinking with for many years, well they know anyway. 

So, as I start this new journey to "be better" I allow myself to explore and find what helps me. Today, I have no hang-over because I chose not to drink last night. One day, not day 1. Counting days may work for others, for me is pretty basic, stay tuned into today, take care of today.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow holds promise.  Small wins and adjustments, after all it takes 21 days to break a habit, much more an addiction. OK there you have it - I admitted it. : )