HI, day 3 sober in the books without naltrexone. My prescription is being held up to see if it is covered under insurance.  I really hope it helps with cravings because last night was difficult.  I have an autoimmune disorder and am in the middle of a flare.  I am seeing positive effects of detoxing my system.  My ankles are no longer swollen like tree stumps and even some of the bloating has decreased from the belly area.  I need to be a healthier person otherwise I will live a life of misery.  If you have ever had an autoimmune flare up, you know what I am talking about. 

I took a break from the gym because I was burning the candle at both ends.  Working out and lifting hard then coming home and drinking myself to sleep. I wasn't properly nourishing my body.  Between that, a recent break up and stress is what threw me into this current state of 'I cannot take it anymore'.  This cycle of self destructive behavior.  Thinking to myself, I worked out so hard today, I deserve a drink. I was so bored last night and almost got in my car and went to the gas station for a 6 pack but I didn't and I am proud of myself for that.  I am doing this all alone so I am grateful for this forum and I will continue to use it as an outlet to journal my successes, challenges and failures. The world is full of judgement and this is personal so that is why I like the autonomy of this forum. 

Anyway, I am going to ease myself back into the gym tonight and take advantage of the massage chairs, sauna, red light therapy room and all the rest of the amenities they offer.  I find when I push myself really really hard, I deserve a treat, ie drink. It is time to take it easy , walk not run, lift 50% of what I am used to with more reps, roll out the toxins and crap out of my muscles and tire myself out just enough that having that drink reward after is not worth the hangover the next morning.  Break the cycle.  Thanks for reading.