Ok guys, so the other day I was on the train and saw the new ad for Heneiken ZERO alcohol. It was like Christmas morning for me! lol I did the happy dance. I said I would love to try that and feel that bubbly sensation go down my throat with the taste of beer. Now, I am not a beer person so I guess the alcoholic in me said, "D-this will do." I am a wine gal but just to taste something that reminded me of the pleasures of alcohol that supposedly didn't have ZERO alcohol enticed me.  I dropped that thought until days later seeing it in the supermarket and wondered ...."should I try it?"  I put it in my cart with the quickness but felt a pang of love for myself and headed to Google. 

I found out that most non-alcoholic beverages like Heineken , Odouls are allowed to state that they have no alcohol in the product because the amount of alcohol is under 0.05%. To me that was enough to put the kibosh on that. I put the six pack back on the cold shelf and grabbed my lemonade instead. thats my thing during these times. I felt like God was happy with me and I was happy for myself. Does anyone think it's safe to drink these beverages?Has anyone had any experience with non-alcoholic beverages like these that actually have small traces of it in it?