Hello 👋 

Im you’re text book definition of functioning alcoholic. I have been in and out of AA for 5ish years now only holding on to sobriety for a month at a time. If youre “only an alco “ you know the struggle of walking into a meeting and having everyone look at you like “you haven’t been to rehab? what youre totally fine” ... but you’re obviously not because you turned to AA as a last stitch effort to get your life on the right track. EVERYONE in my family drinks and it is nearly impossible to have a “healthy” relationship without alcohol... ironic right? I signed up for monument when covid hit because being home all day everyday was really getting hard, which I am sure most of you can relate too. finally deciding to commit to this and give it a whirl. I am hoping that the community here will be a little different than AA and I can finally clean my liver out