Hello Monument Community! Back with some of the newest additions to Monument's Reading & Resources section. Check out these insights from expert clinicians and reflections from sober writers.

📗 Making Friends In Recovery: 4 Qualities To Look Out For
     By Daisy Gumin, Partnerships Manager at Monument 

📕How to Manage Alcohol Cravings: Helpful Tips & Tools
     By Dr. Jiseung Yoon, MD, and physician on the Monument Platform 

📘 7 Tips For Managing Your Drinking Post-Quarantine 
     By Sabrina Spotorno, LCSW-CASAC, and therapist on the Monument Platform 

📙 Naltrexone Benefits: Does Naltrexone Work?
     By Dr. Jiseung Yoon, MD, and physician on the Monument Platform  

📓 5 Ways My Partner Supported Me When I Decided To Quit Drinking 
     By Blair Sharp, Wife, Mom, & Writer

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