I wanted to pass along my Naltrexone experience.  I’ve been taking since March 20th and things have been getting better.  I took the first 30 days off of alcohol to completely reset and will admit the anxiety of not drinking was high.  After a couple of weeks and new habits (distractions) the anxiety faded.  After 30 days I had a drink for the first time.  The numbers of units has been as follows: 8, 5, 8,4, 6, 2, 4 and 6.  This was over a 6 week period (the first 2 happened week 1).  This has come out to an average of once a week.  I have been reserving this for weekend and for social situations only.  I no longer drink at night by myself and find the urge to drink fading each day.  I’m sitting here on a Friday night where I would typically consume in excess of 8 units to kickoff the subsequent Saturday and Sunday binge (just for reference I would typically consume in excess of 25 units a week). I’ll have a few drinks tomorrow but I’m choosing to do that and will be less than 4 units.  I wanted to share this to let people who may be early in the process or currently struggling know that time and small goals can make alcohol moderation possible.  Feel free to ask any questions - I am more the glad to share my experience.