I've been a regular=daily, moderate drinking for years, probably consist for 10 yrs.  Functional alcoholic extraordinaire.  I'd have the occasional "oops I drank too much and have to deal with a hang over", or worse.  But a week ago, I drank not would I would've considered excessive for me.  Was at the point of tipsy and about to round the curve to drunk when I went to bed.  However, the next day was 12 hours of the most violent vomiting I've ever experienced.  Very unusual for that amount of intake for me. I took it as a sign, my body's done.  I haven't had a drink since. 9 days now.  I'm finally starting to feel human and functional again.  The withdrawal was nuts, I wasn't expecting to even have withdrawal. Spent 7 days thinking I was dying.  I found some Chinese medicinal herbs to help curb the crave and have been flushing my innards with water.  Today I'm back at work for half the day to see how I feel.  Luckily, I work remotely in my own office so no one has to look at me,, I'm far from my usual professional appearance right now.  So here I go, hopping on the sober train.  My first goal is to get to Halloween then work my way through the holidays.... Terrifying!