We had a friend over last night and I slipped up and had a few drinks.. I don’t know how to have the conversation with my boyfriend that I dont want to drink anymore. Maybe eventually it’ll be okay to have a glass of wine with dinner without wanting to chug the entire bottle. I am actually pretty proud of myself because I just start with my Naltrexone and wasn’t sure how it would react with alcohol so I had 2 vodka sodas and 2 bourbons over the course of 5 hours... for me that’s like not even drinking. I never had my ice cubes completely melt before I was finished drinking a drink ... new experience. Also it was strange being the most sober person in the room. I’ve never done that. When I had my moments of sobriety I would just avoid all social interaction that involved alcohol... ALSO Ive never seen my boyfriend drunk without being completely gone myself.  He’s a pretty level headed down to earth guy and was acting like an idiot so god only knows the ass that ive been making out of myself over the last 6-7 years -_-  I’m upset that I drank but also proud that it wasn’t a complete binge. it didn’t shake me up enough to be in the “fuck it” mentality again. — my question is though ... whats the best way to have this conversation ? I honestly don’t want to drink any more, I don’t want to wake up one day and be 45 with a fatty liver or some other health problem because I couldn’t put the bottle down.. I want to live long enough to see my grandkids! My boyfriend knows I have an issue with alcohol he knows I have been to AA , and he’s actually one of the main reason I want to stop drinking because he is seriously fed up with me being the “drunk girl“ at ever outing or social event. all suggestions are welcome !