I realized today I have an issue with binge drinking.

Busy business owner, mom, wife all good stuff but my life does get effected by my drinking. 

I noticed it years ago with wine so I “stopped“ drinking wine, almost blaming wine as the issue. 
of course that doesn’t stop me from drinking now I just drink titos. I make these Weird rules for myself with drinking and limitations but then after one drink I always need more. 

having my daughter now recognize it and know if I drank too much the night before. im just So done with the hangovers! It’s stolen way too much of my family time theb the guilt is extreme.

my husband will be supportive but right now he has made some comments like just cut back. 
but I know myself and I can’t. I need to stop all together 


thanks for all your support and reading all your stories is helpful I felt so alone and guilty and I’m actually excited to feel better and be my best self for my family.