Saturdays are normally a day where I would have my first glass of wine at noon, and steadily refill throughout the day. Or if it was a particularly busy Saturday, I would find myself rushing through my errands and cracking open a bottle the second I got home. But today, after just shy of one week on naltrexone, I'm pleased to report that's not the case! My goal was never total sobriety, merely moderation. And while naltrexone and I had a bumpy start (it's still not flawless, but my side effects are manageable with a lower dose and only taking the meds every other day), I'm pleased to say I find myself being able to actually sit down and enjoy a glass of wine when my day is done, rather than needing a glass to get me through it. 

What a lovely feeling! 

I will say, my side effects were horrific initially, I was motion sick for 3 straight days, even when laying in bed completely still. Thankfully, my doctor adjusted my dosage and medication schedule, and that's proven to be helpful. I still felt a hint unwell, but definitely much more manageable! 

Did anyone else have a rough go with naltrexone side effects? If so, what were they and how did you manage them?