So, I had my appointment today with the doctor and he prescribed the medicine everyone is talking about.  So, yesterday was exhausting.  I am in the middle of an autoimmune flair and everything is swollen.  I can physically feel my organs hurting.  I did not do much yesterday but binge watch shows and do some shopping because that is all my body could handle. I filled my fridge with gluten/dairy free options and plenty of fruits for smoothies. 

 My problem is boredom and booze helps fill that void but my body can no longer tolerate it.  I was sick to my stomach, headache and everything hurt.  It was a restless night waking up in a pile of my own sweat to just then freeze and have to change clothes.  I did it though! 

I woke up sluggish but after breakfast I feel okay.  So, I work from home.  The toughest time for me will be tonight when I get home from the gym and I look around and am like 'now what'.  That was my time to drink so I could go to sleep.  I think I'll spend more time at the gym after my workout in the Sauna.  Normally I would finish up quick, run to the store and get drinking until I pass out on the sofa.  

My relationship with alcohol has to change and I took that step not because I want to give it up.  It is my friend.  I gave it up because my body is saying 'No More'.  I do not want to die before I am 40 or even end up like my mother(Adult child of an alcoholic here). 


Thanks for reading.