The daily news can surely be depressing and worrisome, and here in our own communities and families, things can seem insurmountable at times.

With the holidays upon us and the restrictions and stress that COVID has created, we can still have the added worries about gifts to be bought and money being tight, and that there just is not enough time to get everything done.

But, amidst these challenging times, let's take a moment to envision what wonders are to come. This is a time to be kind to ourselves and show our strength, resolution, and authority over the struggle we call alcohol.

We will gain all the richness of life by picking ourselves up every single time we seem to slip. Because it is in trying that we are genuinely winning this battle, for never having tried is to say we do not deserve the fullest life imaginable.

In this crazy world in which we find ourselves today, try to find a little time to be alone with thoughts of gratitude. Be kind to yourself. Enjoy the day, and partake in reflections, reminiscing of ones we love. Remember that life is truly magical, and don't forget to laugh like children with the anticipation of tomorrow.