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Personal Stories
Personal Stories

Naltrexone journey- please share yours too

I've been taking this drug for 2 weeks now. 50mgs daily. My drinking habit was a bottle of wine every night. My ultimate goal is to drink no more than 2 glasses of wine (ok on some occassions 3) per... (More)

Posting for accountability...

HI, day 3 sober in the books without naltrexone. My prescription is being held up to see if it is covered under insurance. I really hope it helps with cravings because last night was difficult. I have an autoimmune disorder... (More)

Today's Story ✍️: How I Navigate ‘Wine Mom’ Culture Without Wine

By: Celeste Yvonne, writer and host for the Sober Mom Squad

When I first quit drinking, I didn’t know what the plan was long-term. Was I taking a temporary break? Would this actually stick? Did I just have my last... (More)

Drinking makes me thirsty

I recently heard an interview with the actor Michael McKean where he said he stopped drinking because, "Drinking made me thirsty" and I was like oh, yes, that's how I'd say it! Having some makes me want more. I... (More)