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Personal Stories
Personal Stories

Feeling tired and worried I'm headed for drinking again

I'm feeling like sobriety is really starting to wear me down. I'm having more and more days where it's just one craving after another, and it feels like I'm not doing very well at getting anything done, which makes me... (More)

Looking for support

I attended my first couple of support groups and talked with my private counselor. He was encouraged that I am being proactive in regards to my alcohol use and supported me in continuing this effort. Additionally I did some research,... (More)

5 weeks today

Today is 5 weeks without a drink. Some days are hard and some are easy. My family is really happy I'm not drinking. My boyfriend is really supportive. But I feel like I'm still counting down to a day, one... (More)

Steering clear of the rabbit hole

I wasn't a drinker until I was.

I didn't drink in college. I started college at 16 and also had to work. I looked too young, was too young, and had too much to do. I had to care for... (More)