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Therapist Insight 💡: How To Support Yourself And Your Loved One With AUD (At The Same Time)

By: Sabrina Spotorno, LSW, CASAC and therapist on the Monument platform

There are many ways that Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) impacts family members beyond the person living with it, which is why the phrase “family disorder” is used frequently in... (More)

📝 FAQ: How To Recognize Alcohol Use Disorder & Depression, And What To Do About It

By: Team Monument

Many of our community members describe feelings of depression around the time when their drinking habits became unhealthy. Others share that once they quit drinking (or started drinking less), their depression appeared to get worse. There’s a... (More)

Therapist Insight 💡❗: How To Psychologically Distance Yourself From People…And Alcohol

By Sabrina Spotorno, LCSW-CASAC, therapist on the Monument platform

Our relationship with alcohol isn’t so different from our relationship with people. It’s complex, unique, and always evolving. One sign of an unhealthy relationship to anything or anyone is when our... (More)

Hi friends! 🥰 Here are my top tips for having fun, sober and quarantined.

By: Daisy Gumin, Community @Monument

I assumed that within my first 60 days sober, I would become a girlfriend. I thought I would lose weight, become not depressed for starters, and of course, fall into an extraordinary amount of money.... (More)