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Therapist Insight 💡: How To Ask Your Significant Other For Support As You Change Your Drinking

By: Sabrina Spotorno, LCSW-CASAC, therapist with Monument

So, you’re looking to get your significant other involved in your journey to change your drinking? That’s a great idea. And if you’re not sure how to approach it, you are not alone.... (More)

FAQ ❓: What can I expect from my first Monument therapy session?

Psychological factors can have a big influence on our relationship with alcohol, and therapy can play a significant role in addressing unhealthy drinking behaviors and building healthier habits. We provide specialized therapy designed to help people change their drinking.

So,... (More)

FAQ ❓: What can I expect from a Monument support group?

If you're looking for community support while you change your relationship with alcohol, you're in the right place. You can hear from other members here in the anonymous community forum, and connect about common challenges, goals, and experiences via virtual... (More)

FAQ ❓: what's the deal with medication to support sobriety or moderation?

Good question! 💊 Many people haven't heard about medication options to change the way you drink. Have you? Currently, less than 9% of people who would be good candidates for medication are prescribed it. We're hoping to raise awareness about... (More)