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New Year Resource Roundup 🎆

Hi everybody! I'm excited to share some new articles packed with advice from our clinicians on how to make 2021 aspirations a reality. These and more can be found in our Expert Resources section.

💪 6 Monument Therapists On How... (More)

Holiday Resource Roundup ❤️

Hi everyone! Our clinicians have been very busy answering their most frequently asked questions about how to navigate the holiday season without or with less alcohol. Here are a few of the latest articles from our Expert Resources section.

❓... (More)

Therapist Insight 💡: How To Support Yourself And Your Loved One With AUD (At The Same Time)

By: Sabrina Spotorno, LSW, CASAC and therapist on the Monument platform

There are many ways that Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) impacts family members beyond the person living with it, which is why the phrase “family disorder” is used frequently in... (More)

📝 FAQ: How To Recognize Alcohol Use Disorder & Depression, And What To Do About It

By: Team Monument

Many of our community members describe feelings of depression around the time when their drinking habits became unhealthy. Others share that once they quit drinking (or started drinking less), their depression appeared to get worse. There’s a... (More)