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We are inviting YOU to reflect on your relationship with alcohol by writing alcohol a letter. Whether it’s a breakup letter from years ago, a letter about needing space, about wanting different things, about finding your way back to each other, we’d love the world to hear it. 

You need to leave Alcohol.

Dear alcohol,

Everytime I think I have escaped you I allow you back only to destroy the things I hold most dear. I allow you to control my actions and my my mind nor heart. My actions then cause incredible... (More)

📗 Member Feature: #DearAlcohol, From Karmic

Thank you, @karmic  for letting us share your words with our Community on Instagram, and for trusting us with your journey towards the last line of this letter ✍️. You inspire us.

What would your letter say?

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Alcohol are you listening?

Why are you so powerful over me? Why do I allow myself to have such a harmful relationship with you? Why do I miss that misery of drinking when I don't have you in my life? Why don't you listen... (More)

It's time to say goodbye. I think.

Dear Alcohol. I think about you often everyday. I know I shouldn't, but I do. If I am stressed I say "I need a drink". You are my escape, my vice, my friend. How can I feel so shameful about... (More)