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We are inviting YOU to reflect on your relationship with alcohol by writing alcohol a letter. Whether it’s a breakup letter from years ago, a letter about needing space, about wanting different things, about finding your way back to each other, we’d love the world to hear it. 

My Relationship with Alcohol

It's a tricky sort of thing

It thrives me

Indulging my cravings

Creating fun all around me

It deprives me

Raising havoc inside

Diminishing my feels of the world around me

My relationship with alcohol, it's a tricky sort of... (More)

This Is Goodbye


I am the kind of person who gives too many chances, or hangs on too long, but once I am done, I am usually done, and now I am ready to be done with you. This is something I... (More)

Goodbye alcohol

Dear alcohol,

I’m disappointed that it took me so long to see how bad you were for me.

I’m disappointed that I thought I was a functioning human because I could get right up after a night of drinking and... (More)

Dear Alcohol,

This is not a love letter. At one time I loved you. I did. But you have used me, locked me up inside of the darkest part of you, and ruined beautiful things I have started. I don't understand what... (More)