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The Monument community is available wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The Monument Community

We're really glad we found each other.

  • Our anonymous community is a place to give and get support and motivation as you change your relationship with alcohol.
  • Members are encouraged to write and comment on posts to share updates throughout their journey.
  • Monument moderators post thought-provoking questions, challenges, affirmations, and more to inspire reflection, conversation, and connection.

Please adhere to the Community Principles. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency or having suicidal thoughts, please visit these resources


Looking for support this Thanksgiving? 🍂

It’s okay if the holidays are hard. We hear you. And we're here for you 💚

Join us for one (or both!) of our Thanksgiving support-groups: Getting Through Today Without Drinking. 

RSVP: 11:00 AM EST


Via the
Via the @joinmonument  Instagram

Like many, the pandemic made my realize my relationship with alcohol is unsustainable.

I was always a heavy drinker, so i can’t blame everything on the pandemic. But since March I’ve been drinking at an unsustainable rate. It became a thing to do to pass the time. Now it’s a thing I do... (More)


I drank more than i have in months and feel like ive ruined everything but i know i can be better i just really need some support which is why i am here

Day 1 I suppose.. I didnt drink for about 2-3 months until halloween i had a few drinks and felt okay so i decided i could possibly start to drink again just in moderation which was going well until a... (More)

Wanting to change relationship with alcohol

Just looking for people in same boat. don’t drink often but sometimes when I do I drink too much. Just looking to change my alcohol habits