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The Monument community is available wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The Monument Community

We're really glad we found each other.

  • Our anonymous community is a place to give and get support and motivation as you change your relationship with alcohol.
  • Members are encouraged to write and comment on posts to share updates throughout their journey.
  • Monument moderators post thought-provoking questions, challenges, affirmations, and more to inspire reflection, conversation, and connection.

Please adhere to the Community Principles. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency or having suicidal thoughts, please visit these resources

First time on here. I have decided that I don't want alcohol to control my life anymore.

Stories heal. I am sharing mine here. You are not alone.

Hello! I am 3+years sober and a mom of 2 teenage daughters. I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and drinking was always part of my life. I write about my experiences on my blog, I started... (More)

Starting a new relationship with alcohol

Hi. I’m looking to moderate my drinking. Instead of daily binges looking to just have a few on the weekends. Husband is supportive but we are “drinking buddies” so that relationship is going to have to change. I may get... (More)

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