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The Monument community is available wherever you are and whenever you need it.

The Monument Community

Hi everyone. Exciting news! The Monument Community has a new home:

We’ve kept all the great things about this forum, and added new features and functionality to improve your experience and facilitate even more connection. Now, you can seamlessly chat with other members in new channels, privately connect with folks in your support groups at any time, and learn about the latest resources from Monument all in one place. You can check it out here. Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

Please adhere to the Community Principles. If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency or having suicidal thoughts, please visit these resources

I want to be free!

I’ve been trying to quit off and on for years. Sometimes I just throw in the towel and restart full blown drinking, only to return to trying to get sober again. I want off the rollercoaster for good!

90 Days Alcohol Free

Helping to hold myself accountable. 90 days alcohol-free is my goal: July 26-Oct. 26. It will be really hard to not socially drink, but I will remind myself that true connection doesn’t require alcohol, in fact, connecting is easier without... (More)

Hello All! Not sure what to say, aside from I am a maintenance alcoholic who is not maintaining much these days.

Snow globe in a paint mixer

Dear Alcohol,

You are just another piece of fake plastic snow in my perpetually quaking snow globe of a life full of addictions, obsessions, and problems. Go wedge yourself in Santa's armpit for a while so I can try to... (More)